Food is only the beginning

There is a common saying that “Man does not live by bread alone”. This indicates that people require something else higher than the basic needs to live. Once the basics (food, shelter, clothing) are covered, being inspired by beautiful art, poetry, literature, architecture etc is absolutely crucial for a society and individuals in a society to thrive.

Taking inspiration

In creating art, people often take inspiration from events and people from real life.

By having a frame of reference in one’s daily life, it appears that some fuel is provided to the artist’s creative engine.

This, in combination with imagination, results in the creation of the final product within the mind of the artist.

Having the final product in mind is a major milestone in the artistic process…

Ancient art

The art and architecture of the ancients is something to be wondered about. The feeling of awe and wonder when visiting one of these ancient structures can only be understood by one who has experienced this. These structures have withstood the test of time for several centuries because they were built to last.

Also, the art works which have survived from those times appear beautiful and elaborate. All this appears to show that more people among the ancients focused more of their time and energy in thinking about art. This can be contrasted with the modern obsession with technology and mind-numbing “entertainment”.

Such an attitude was pervasive in most parts of the world and the results can still be seen today.