What is known

Human knowledge has increased exponentially in the last few centuries thanks to many scientific and other innovations.

Though this may appear significant, it may very well turn out that there is much more that remains unknown.

Perhaps this was the thought behind the famous verses from the Purusha Sukta, part of Rig Veda, composed more than three thousand years ago.

Purusha Evedam Sarvam Yad-Bhuutam Yacca Bhavyam |
Uta-Amrtatvasyeshaano Yad-Annena-Ati-Rohati ||2||

Etaavaanasya Mahima-Ato Jyaayaash-Ca Puurussah |
Paado-Asya Vishvaa Bhuutaani Tri-Paad-Asya-Amrtam Divi ||3||

This can be roughly translated to:

The Purusha (supreme being) is indeed all this in essence. That which existed in the past, and that which will exist in the future. Everything is woven by the immortal essence of the Purusha; by becoming food of which one transcends the world.

The Purusha is Greater than all the greatness (which can be expressed by words). His one part has become all these known worlds, and his three parts rest in the divine (unknown) world.

 – Purusha Sukta, 2-3