Soft critiques

In the course of life, one realizes the value of hiring a soft critic when one receives some constructive feedback from a known or familiar source. Constructive feedback is a must for growth for any individual.

What I mean by “hiring a soft critic” is a change in mentality where you are yourself on the lookout for valuable criticism that is not based on negative intention. As an aside, sometimes, feedback from negative people is also valuable, but that requires an advanced level of thinking so that it doesn’t cause you to go into defensive mode.

With the mentality of hiring a soft critic, one pays attention to the feedback given by others. Also, one is not defensive about one’s weaknesses. One does not run into a shell when confronted by some truths. By actively seeking out soft critics, one has the opportunity to turn what could be usually a defensive reaction to a learning experience.

The ancient stoic teacher, Seneca, taught the principle of premeditatio malorum or the premeditation of evils. By regularly practicing this principle, the stoics found a way to ensure that virtually nothing happens outside of one’s expectations. Similarly, one can benefit by regularly practicing to hire soft critics. Of course, depending on the individual’s mindset, this could be a difficult practice and it may take one a while to understand the benefits and see results.