Doing more with less

In any organization, one of the common complaints is the lack of resources, whether it be financial, human, time, space, knowledge, skills etc.

However, on many occasions, such statements may be reflections of what some people are thinking about or going through at that moment. If one looks back in a detached manner it would seem that such a complaint was probably unwarranted.

One (perhaps controversial) example of how much was accomplished with a relatively small number of people was the Indian Civil Service during the British Raj in India which had a population of around 400 million by the end of British rule. Between 1858 and 1947, there were seldom more than one thousand covenanted officers, who occupied the highest rungs of the service. Of course, there were thousands of uncovenanted mostly Indian employees who assisted the top rungs of the bureaucracy.

Perhaps the real constraint is not the lack of resources, but the lack of imagination on how to maximally utilize what we are given to work with?