What happened before our lifetime

Humans have been around on this planet for hundreds of thousands of years. Our ancestors have faced countless number of ordeals and problems. All this experience has gone to enriching our genes and shaping our individual personalities in decision making and other activities.

Keeping this in mind, it seems a really good idea to study history to get into the shoes of people who may have faced somewhat similar (not exactly similar, of course) scenarios as we do today.

For example, one could imagine an ancestor who may have faced a choice whether to do a particular thing or take a particular route in terms of business or career or family. It is curious to try to imagine getting into their skin and trying to see how they decided. Their choice likely affected not only them, but several generations that succeeded them.

Apart from this, many of the scenarios faced by several sections of society may also have had their historical counterparts. It is quite important to learn and understand such historical situations.

Of course, one needs to keep in mind that studying history requires a level of rigor and discipline. It is often too easy to apply our’s or someone else’s narratives on studying history or, indeed, whatever one does. So, being conscious of such unconscious biases, one has to set out on a journey exploring what happened before our lifetimes.