Spread of ideas

It is interesting to think about how ideas have spread over the course of the relatively small period of around ten thousand years for which we have some documented human history.

Since the beginning of recorded history, we know that ideas have had a great impact on the course of history.

For example, it is fascinating how an idea for a religion originating among an ancient people from the Levant came to spread throughout Europe. Today, thanks to colonization, missionaries and other factors, Christianity has come to be the largest religion on Earth. No doubt, it came to be adapted to European (specifically, Roman and Greek) mores. It has changed a lot from it’s Jewish roots. But, the core of the ideas seem to remain in the scriptures and texts written in Hebrew and Greek.

Since the advent of the Scientific Revolution and the Renaissance, more new ideas came about and have changed the world both in ways beneficial and detrimental to mankind.

On a side note, humans have been around for hundreds of thousands of years before history began to be recorded. So, we do not really know details of how people lived in the so-called pre-historic era. All we know is that they lived in caves and followed a hunter-gatherer lifestyle. It is quite important to remember that much of the present-day human genetic code has been influenced by our hunter-gatherer ancestors of old.