The Middle Ages

The Middle Ages, which occured between the fifth and the fifteenth centuries, are a fascinating period for many reasons.

They came about after the decline and fall of the Western Roman Empire. They are unfairly referred to as the “Dark Ages” as, after the fall of the Roman Empire, most of Europe was splintered and ruled by various tribes who had overpowered the dominant and unified empire. Also, the studies of the ancient Greek and Roman philosophers and mathematicians were somehow stopped.

It is interesting to note that the Greeks and Romans were being studied and revived by the Muslims who were having their own Golden Age at the same time Europe was in the so-called “Dark Ages”. It was after the Europeans discovered the writings of Avicenna and others that an impetus was given to begin the Renaissance.

However, it has to be said that it is educational to study how the European people of the Middle Ages survived and managed to get by after a civilization had ended so suddenly. Also the Byzantine Empire in the East did thrive and prosper for nearly a thousand years before being defeated by the Ottomans. So, the term “Dark Ages” is a misnomer in my opinion.