Contrary but true

Here is an interesting quote from Peter Thiel. It is a question which he reputedly asks when hiring new employees:

“Tell me something that’s true but nobody agrees with”

― Peter Thiel

It is interesting because it speaks to a way of thinking which suggests that the way to succeed is to do something which:

  1. no one else is doing and
  2. is useful to others

As human beings, each of us is a unique creation as an individual. No two persons are alike in all aspects. So, it seems natural that each of us has something unique to offer to this world.

“In my walks, every man I meet is my superior in some way, and in that I learn from him.”

    ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

Emerson again speaks to the same idea as he suggests that as each of us is unique is some way or the other, one can always learn from each person one meets.

Also, as Seneca suggested nearly two thousand years ago, one always has the opportunity to serve and be kind to another human being in all situations. Applying this kind of thinking could lead one very far when it comes to not only business, but many other aspects of life.

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