Long vs short

It is a often-repeated teaching in sales that focusing on retaining repeat customers is way more important than getting a sale done immediately.

Malcolm Gladwell in Blink gives an example of a car salesman who is the best-performing salesperson. His secret is shown to be that he has a host of long term customers who absolutely  trust him in their next car purchases.

Similarly, in many other aspects of our life, thinking long term turns out to be a better choice than the short term.

When it comes to relationships, avoiding direct criticisms and having a diplomatic outlook, as suggested in Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People is a way to act in the long term interests of the relationship.

In the world of finance too, a great piece of advice is to avoid or control impulsive buying and, instead, focus on saving for the long term.

Overall, it appears that a change of mindset needs to occur in order for the above to be effective.