Usefulness of stoicism

I find the philosophy of stoicism very useful and good for several aspects of life.

It’s precepts are a very good guide to life’s ups and downs.

It has helped many people overcome major crises or just face their world’s day to day happenings.


Seneca (bust pictured above), the Roman lawyer and stoic philosopher, faced his forced suicide with calm. He was one of the wealthiest people of his time. In spite of this, as part of his daily practice, he would imagine the worst possible scenario where he lost his health, family, wealth, and everything else and how he would  accept such a scenario with peace.

George Washington was significantly influenced by Cato and other stoics. He overcame several apparently insurmountable problems with his own health among a host of other issues to become the father of the nation.

The Holocaust survivor and neurologist, Dr. Viktor Frankl, developed his theory of logotherapy while living in the concentration camps. Logotherapy is said to have influences from stoic philosophy. His story is a truly inspiring one. This interview with him is quite interesting.