Historical impact of technology

In many ways, we are living through a revolutionary time in terms of how much impact technology has had and will have on this world. It would be difficult to accurately​ predict what impact the present day technology will have had on history. Who knows? Perhaps, two hundred years from now, people will regard the technology of today as some primitive beginning on the road to the future.

However, just in the last decade or so, several things have changed in the way we lead our lives. For example, the web has become so ubiquitous that we don’t even think twice about telling someone to ‘Google’ for something.

The proliferation of smartphones has been the other phenomenon which has changed the lifestyles of many people all over the world.

One of the curious side effects of all this is that this technology is no longer restricted to the western countries. The impact of this progress has been felt even in the rural areas of India and other developing nations. Indeed, in such countries, the absence of a stable internet infrastructure has meant that mobile data over 2G/3G/4G has been the dominant way to access the web.

Just ten years ago, virtually noone would’ve been able to navigate easily anywhere in most countries using a phone and cellular connection. Virtually noone had heard of people setting up businesses and using websites as their main marketing tool. Other web utilities like social media have hugely influenced the course of history by impacting elections and social changes.

Looking back at this, say two hundred years from now, it would certainly be curious as to how this period would be perceived. We cannot know this for certain but we can certainly speculate!

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